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Backyard Gun Shooting Range


How do you get better with your aim for hunting? Target practice is one of the best ways. Whether it is at the nearest gun club or in your own backyard gun range, practice makes perfect.

What do you need for a backyard gun range? It really isn’t expensive nor does it take much time to put together. Here are five things that will help you have the perfect backyard gun shooting range:

  1. Enough land for privacy and safety
  2. A solid sturdy shooting bench helps for sighting
  3. A shooting rest
  4. A target stand and
  5. Targets

Breaux Target Bottle Targets

For your backyard gun shooting range, try the Breaux Target bottle targets.

Product Description:

  • 3 – Plastic bottle targets made for shooting practice
  • Each bottle target comes with 30-inch rope
  • Bottles are made with plastic and organic materials
  • Target can be shot multiple times for tons of fun 

Pricing and Availability
It sells for $14.99 and is available on the Thermold Magazines website.


Safety should always be your first priority when shooting. Be sure to pick a safe location when setting up your range. Keep in mind what will be on the other side of your target.

Strongly consider setting up a backstop with a mound of dirt or a wood pile. A minimum height of 15 feet for the dirt is acceptable for a backstop but 20 to 25 feet is highly recommended. This height is the compacted or settled height. Height should also be consistent with other barriers that may be incorporated into the range design.

As always, wear eye and hearing protection when you are shooting.

Enjoy hunting and stay safe!

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