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Kamo Cooler Now Available


Do you love the Camouflage pattern and colors originally designed and worn by the United States Army, Air Force and Navy personnel? You are not alone.


The word origin and history for camouflage.


Noun, verb, and adjective

From French camoufler

Parisian slang, "to disguise," from Italian camuffare "to disguise,"

Military Definition - The use of natural or artificial material on personnel, objects or tactical positions with the aim of confusing, misleading, or evading the enemy.

Thermold Magazines is proud to offer a five-gallon cooler in the “Kamo” color for you to use on your next hunting or shooting adventure.

Here is some information about it:

Five-Gallon Cooler

The cooler is 48" tall when the legs are extended and it stands 26" off the ground.

Product Description:

  • Useful five cup holder built into the lid.
  • Convenient quick pour spout.
  • Clip locks leg in the upright position.
  • Push lock tab down to lock leg in the standing position.
  • Extend leg until lock clicks to secure fully extended leg.
  • For added security on rough or unlevel surfaces, lock legs together with carabiner.

Available Colors:

  • Kamo
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • White
  • Black

Pricing and Availability
It sells for $69.95 and is available on the Thermold Magazines website.

While you are hunting and/or shooting, you can work up a thirst. This cooler will take care of keeping you hydrated with your favorite beverage.


Thermold also sells magazines for the following devices:

  • AR-15/M-16
  • AR-180
  • SCAR
  • R-M-30
  • HK-91
  • M-14/M1A
  • R-M-14/30
  • FN/FAL
  • AK-47
  • Glock
  • Accessories

Enjoy hunting and stay safe!

Thermold Magazines produces weapons magazines and has become the product of choice among military personnel, law enforcement officers and sport shooters around the world with their products proudly made in the US. Time-tested quality and reliability. That's Thermold. Call 877-548-4062 and/or contact us.