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What does the AR stand for in the AR-180 Rifle?

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The AR in the AR-180 rifle stands for ArmaLite brand. Here is some information about the AR-180 rifle:


ArmaLite. ArmaLite, or Armalite, is an American small arms engineering company founded in the mid 1950s in Hollywood, California. Armalite had some success with the ArmaLite AR-18. A semi-automatic version of the AR-18 known as the AR-180 was later produced for the civilian market between 1969 and 1972. Eventually the company ceased operations in the early 1980s.

The design rights and name were purchased in 1996 by Mark Westrom, who re-launched the company ArmaLite, Inc., now headquartered in Geneseo, Illinois. An updated model of the AR-180 was introduced in 2001 as the AR-180B, with a molded polymer lower receiver replacing the stamped steel original.

In 2013, Westrom sold Armalite, Inc. to Strategic Armory Corps, who also owns AWC Silencers, Surgeon Rifles, Nexus Ammo, and McMillan Firearms. Strategic Armory Corps was formed with the goal of acquiring and combining market-leading companies within the firearms industry. In 2014, 3-Gun Champion Tommy Thacker was appointed president. In 2015, Armalite introduced 18 new products including AR-10 and M-15 platform firearms. In Mid 2018, Armalite was relocated to Phoenix Arizona.

AR-180 rifle description

The AR-18/180 was the latest iteration of the then-new method of rifle construction featuring stamped and welded steel fabrication. Even the internal hammer is a stamping. The AR-18/180 utilizes a short-stroke piston to facilitate operation. The rifle retains the familiar rotating bolt of the AR-15/M16, mounted in a carrier, but the carrier rides on a pair of guide rods. The AR-18/180 utilizes a pair of action springs on the guide rods.

“The AR-180 weighs in slightly over 6 pounds and measures 38 inches long. The AR-180’s 18-inch barrel features a 1-in-12-inch twist rate, as found on the original M16. The 55-grain .223 bullets were the norm, with no thought given to the heavier .223 bullets common today. The AR-180 has a true 5.56mm chamber, enabling it to fire both 5.56mm and .223 Remington loads. The AR-180 takes a magazine very similar to the AR-15, though with the magazine catch slot located on the right side,” reports Tactical Life.

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